buy and sell cars

BuyBid™ allows dealers to buy and sell unlimited vehicles with no auction fees and no commissions. With our exclusive mobile and desktop platforms, you will be able to post vehicles in under a minute and have REAL buyers responding to you and ready to buy your cars immediately. Once a vehicle is posted, it goes out live to everyone in the network instantly.

Want to sell a trade-in before you commit to owning it? Post in the BuyBid™ section and start getting offers from dealers while your customer is still in the showroom.

Need a specific car?

BuyBid™ gives you the opportunity to find that right vehicle that you are looking for. Your “My Inventory Needed” posts will go out to all of the dealers in the network and they will more than likely have or know where to find that specific vehicle you are looking for at a wholesale price. Our team of specialists will also scour the internet and send you vehicles not in the network to save you even more time and money.

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